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This innovative new North east performance lead Mini Specialist Race Team has been formed from a vast amount of different experiences and backgrounds to help you with all you mini and Land Rover needs. We understand that everyone is an individual and you want to express this either on or off road, be it a race track or outback, through every means possible. If its style or performance your looking for or a combination of the two, PRS racing Ltd is here to offer the optimum solutions and products, helping you to achieve the desired look and performance for your mini or Land Rover, after all it’s our passion. Performance Race Solutions otherwise know PRS Rcing ltd is a relatively new company founded in 2009 and as such we are going through some exciting transitions and developments. We are now able to offer a fitting service to our customers. We will be working closley with the well established Ron Perry A19 Test and Tune ltd who were one of the first companys in the area to offer superchips tuning services. They have been specializing in all things automotive since 1969. Together we will be able to offer MOT's, servicing, performance parts fitting and much more. Please do not hesitate ot get in touch for more information.  Recently we have caught the attention of the accredited Modern Mini Magazine and have been lucky enough to have our cars featured....So if you like what you see and are interested in achieving the the unacheivable then look no further.