Privacy Policy

Use of Personal data:

PRS Racing Ltd have taken as many steps as possible to help ensure your personal information is kept safe and secure when opening an account and shopping with us online. We have implemented the 3D security system on our site to help protect all of your personal details given to us allowing us to provide you with a secure service. We appreciate that no system is 100% secure but we have made as much effort as possible to try and ensure that we have made our site as secure as possible for our customers. Information processed by PRS will be in compliance with the data protection act 1998.

PRS racing do not share or disclose personal information to third parties. We will use your personal information in order to process payments, deliver your goods, contact you directly about your purchase if necessary, reply to any questions you may have and inform you of any offer or promotions. Your information will be shared with the following parties in order to fulfill this process:

Courier services (delivery purposes only)

SagePay – for credit / debit card verification

All of the above adhere to the data protection act 1998 and are not obliged to disclose your information with any other third parties.

Your personal information will be used for the following processes:
• To open an online account with us
• To allow you to place an order
• To allow us to contact you should there be an issue with either your account or your order
• PRS may share your personal information for the purpose of completing your order with other third parties.
• To allow PRS to contact you with regards to any special offers or promotions which you maybe interested in.
• To allow PRS to enhance and improve our service to you

Please note that non personal information such as traffic, amount of visits and other statistics maybe provided to reputable third parts in order for us to provide you with a better service. No personal information will be provided.


The PRS website will send small pieces of information otherwise know as cookies to your computers hard drive in order for us to be able to transfer information form the site to you. Cookies enable goods to be stored in your shopping basket whilst browsing the site, automatic login as well personalized recognition when you login to your account. Cookies can be turned off on your computers browser and help on cookie notification can be obtained from the help section of your browser where such options as cookie notification maybe selected.

Please note that if you choose to turn cookies off some features that’s the site provides may not work. If you are using a public or shared computer then please ensure you log out of the online shop so that no one had access to any of your personal details.

PRS may make changes to the policy with or with out notice. Please check the policy before making a purchase from the site. If you do not agree with the PRS privacy policy please do not use the site. By using our website you are consenting to agreeing with our terms and conditions and allowing us to use your personal information.

If you have any Issues with regards to our privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact PRS directly and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

If you would like to stop receiving offers and promotion e mails, please contact us.