KAV motorsport Kav High Performance Lightend and Enlarged Crank Pulley R53 Cooper S

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  • Reduction in Rotational Mass of Engine
  • Reduction in Engine Drag
  • Greater Efficiency In Delivery of Engine Power
  • Increase Horse Power and Torque Figures
  • No rubber Center to fail Like OEM Stock Crank
  • Lighter than stock at just 0.57kg


The Kav motorsport enlarged crank pulley for the bmw mini cooper s will complement the reduced size super charger pulley and reduce the stress and energy required from the engine to move the drive train components. The Stock OEM crank pulley is very heavy and requires a large amount of rotational force to turn the heavy pulley mass, sapping power produced from the engine and preventing any potential gains being obtained.

Over time the stock crank pulleys have been known to fail as they are manufactured with a rubber center which eventually fails. The rubber center makes up a large amount of the weight that the engine has to consistently rotate, sapping both power and economy.

Replacing the mass of the crank pulley for something much more light weight, prevents the engine from having to work as hard resulting in better pick up much quicker and responsive  acceleration and far greater engine efficiently.


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